Ancient Astronaut Theorists and Mainstream Scientists: Religious Ideologues?

It is well known that some establishment scientists believe in God or gods, but that doesn’t mean that they believe in Creationism. Many ancient astronaut theorists have non-traditional beliefs, but they don’t all discount the possibility of the existence of a supreme being. In fact, for both groups, there’s no rule that says one has to have any particular religious beliefs. Yet, members of both groups may sometimes seem like they’re acting on a religious-like ideology. Essentially, this stems from stubbornness to accept either new or old/established ideas.

In 1968, Erich von Daniken’s book “Chariots of the Gods?” forever altered preconceived notions about human history. He claimed that our civilization has been influenced by past visits from ‘gods,’ who were actually extraterrestrials. Obviously, this did not sit well with most scholars of history and religion. But from Daniken’s point of view, establishment critics were inflexible and had a collective mindset.Continue Reading


Apple iWork debacle

Ok here it goes, I just wanted to mention my perspective on the issues surrounding the changes between Apple’s iWork ’09 and iWork ’13. Thousands of loyal customers, many of them power users, have been complaining in articles and message boards for many months about the ‘dumbing-down’ of this suite. I wasn’t aware of the issue until, unfortunately, I ‘upgraded’ to the new version. Apple was trying to come up with fresh versions that were streamlined with the iOS offerings. They claim that they are slowly adding features back in.

Personally my main concern was with Pages 5.2, coming from 4.3 on Mavericks. I use Pages all the time for book writing and academic papers. The new version took out the following capabilities: facing pages (left and right), varied headers and footers on left and right pages, inter-document hyperlinks, moveable inspector, and other features. You can go to the app store and see the star rating and reviews for yourself. I think the iWork team could have given a warning to power users in the form of a list of the varying features, so that people could make up their own mind on what was acceptable or not. I ended up reinstalling 4.3 and I suggest that others may want to do the same. It’s time that Tim Cook gave this issue a review and makes things right for their loyal customers.