Behind the Barricade – Demo CD (2007)

Inside Tri-Fold
Inside Tri-Fold


Behind the Barricade – EP (2008)
3rd Take – Demo CD (2010)
Final Take – EP (2014)

Final Take’s finalized tracks!

The four tracks below are the finalized cuts of the songs I helped create over Summer 2014 with Anthony Cataldi on drums, Robert Gallant on Guitar, and Megan Gnoza on Bass. I wrote all the lyrics, with help from Anthony on “A Life Uncharted”. The third track on the list was originally titled “In the Zero Hour”. You can also check out > Rob’s SoundCloud Channel. Enjoy!

Studio Recording Session

Robbie and I worked this weekend on re-recording vocals for our song “March On” which we will be releasing soon on SoundCloud. We also reviewed our recording from last week of our group’s new song “A Life Uncharted”, which you can watch here! We also tried out the fairly new Drummer feature in GarageBand for Mac, which is a virtual session drummer. It was pretty cool, but I need to study it some more. We were able to play guitar and bass along to the drum track.

Latest Jam Session

I have been jamming with the guys that made up my last band 3rd Take. In addition to the drummer Anthony, and guitarist/vocalist Robbie, we are also joined by Megan on bass/rhythm guitar. (Update 4/7/14: Anthony on drums, Robbie on guitar & backup vocals, and Megan on bass.) We are currently working on originals, and covers, and doing recordings. The songs will get uploaded to SoundCloud once we are happy with how they sound.

Below are photos from one of our practices in December 2013: