About the Author


    Welcome! I am Aaron J. Schieding, and I’m a writer from NH, USA. I have a B.A. in English from the University of New Hampshire. I am also the author of A Spirit In Motion (2015), a nonfiction book on the topics of the spirit, soul, and afterlife. I earned my TEFL IMG_0416Certificate in July 2014 from Kaplan International Boston, which included teaching five classes to adult international students. I was an assistant instructor in the 2015 Summer Adult ESOL program at the University of NH at Manchester. In addition, I attended Japanese Language Class Boston. I also attended college at Nashua Community College ’13-’14 in the Associates in English program, as well as attending the New England Institute of Art ’02-’05 in the Multimedia Program; the latter included Professional Writing, Marketing & Sales, and music and video production classes.